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Open Muscle Sensor Development

We have been excited to announce the Open Muscle project and are nearing the first working prototype. For those interested in helping with development please send us a message.

The Open Muscle sensor is made up of a band of cells. Each cell has four hall effect sensors that detect the movement of a piston magnet pair. We are also designing the board to be used with wound coils and other magnetic sensors to allow for a wide variety of testing.

During the development and testing phase we are trying to trail a neural network at detecting hand movements through the sensor’s detections of muscle contractions.

We will publish our findings weekly for all of the public and post everything on github or this site under the GNU license for all to use and join us in making progress to help mankind.

Again, our mission is to bring the cost of prosthetic technologies down and to make those technologies more available by conducting research and developing new products under public licenses for all to use for free. It is our belief that each of us can help humanity one idea at a time.

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