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Clevis Pin Design Upgrade

We were testing the least expensive option for smooth pistons and the clevis pin + compression spring combo has, by far, outshun the other piston mechanisms. Versions 1, 2, and 3 are being retro fitted with the new clevis pin piston adjustment at his point in time.

Second Prototype for Open Muscle Simple

The news boards for the Open Muscle Simple came in. Design work for the case and band and underway.We are working on a tutorial on the setup so other developers can easily use the new boards. Check back this coming Saturday for more news!

Open Muscle V1 Prototype built

We will be uploading and documenting the progress on this website and the github as we gather the data this week. Thank you to all of you who have helped so far. Here is to much more progress and more breakthroughs! – Open Prosthetics Team

Designing the Open Muscle Band

The design of Open Muscle has gone through a few changes and the latest iteration has taken a more simplistic form. Currently being developed on the RP2040 chip found in a version of the raspberry pi pico by waveshare, the Open Muscle band is utilizing the four ADCs provided by the main chip. Although one… Read More »Designing the Open Muscle Band

CELL0 Compute Module

Excited to have the production start on the Compute Module for Open Muscle. We have uploaded the dsn files and will be getting the new boards in sometime by the end of September.

Open Muscle Arm Band V1.0

We are excited to show of the first prototype arm-band OpenMuscle 1.0. The design is evolving and we start to settle on our MUX of choice as well as our ADC of choice. Currently we can achieve up to 500ksps for 4 sensors but that gets heavily reduced by the code at which we transfer… Read More »Open Muscle Arm Band V1.0

Open Muscle 3×3 Grid proof of concept

The first prototype for the Open Muscle a 3×3 grid of hall effect sensors and their tubes. This array or rather matrix, works well to detect the muscle contraction but the spring tension needs to be adjusted. Thankfully we have moved toward the CELL0 – TUBA design on the current V 1.3 device.

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