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DALL•E 2’s uploaded picture variations option

I just got granted access to DALL•E 2 and it has been amazing. I was rather amazed at the images it was able to create. I wanted to showcase the “variations” option you have with DALL•E 2 where you can upload and image and “Edit” it or “Generate Variations.” I decided to start by uploading the image of my streaming setup:

My original image sent to DALL•E 2

Above or rather below the original image you can see what DALL•E 2 was able to generate. It surprised me that it was able to get the fact that i had coffe cups and even see shapes on the monitors.
What i found most intriguing was that the picture of the background shows these ledges in the room that most rooms do not have. The wierd wall outcropping in the first, the recessed window in the second and the double recessed window in the thrid.

I actually have one of those in my apartment behind me but there is no way that DALL•E could have known that, or is there. The way that the lighting exists could possibly signal to the machine that such a lighting environment exists. I will have to update this with more “research” :D.

All in all this has been a fun deep dive into DALL•E 2.

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