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ESP32-S2 mini Pinout

It was difficult to find the ESP32 S2 Mini pinout and even the wemos website does not specify what the pins are save for in the datasheet. According to the images The ESP32 S2 mini pinouts show pins 1-18,21,33-40 being accessible via the board. Link to the datasheet: Features of the board: The image… Read More »ESP32-S2 mini Pinout


The Fully Functioning Prototype is Here

The prototype is working and gathering data. The position of the pins still need some help being directed radially inward, so we are hard at work developing the new Cell cases. Check out the quickly edited video: More videos and news to come!

Open Muscle V1 Prototype built

We will be uploading and documenting the progress on this website and the github as we gather the data this week. Thank you to all of you who have helped so far. Here is to much more progress and more breakthroughs! – Open Prosthetics Team

Getting RShell to work on Windows for ESP/PICO REPL for micropython

Thanks to a genius friend of mine i was able to get rshell to work on windows because he delightfully documented what he did to get it setup in a late night email correspondence. I installed rshell from the following site but got an error when i CD’d into the root folder of rshell.… Read More »Getting RShell to work on Windows for ESP/PICO REPL for micropython

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