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Open Muscle

CELL0 Compute Module

Excited to have the production start on the Compute Module for Open Muscle. We have uploaded the dsn files and will be getting the new boards in sometime by the end of September.

Open Muscle Arm Band V1.0

We are excited to show of the first prototype arm-band OpenMuscle 1.0. The design is evolving and we start to settle on our MUX of choice as well as our ADC of choice. Currently we can achieve up to 500ksps for 4 sensors but that gets heavily reduced by the code at which we transfer… Read More »Open Muscle Arm Band V1.0

Open Muscle Sensor Development

We have been excited to announce the Open Muscle project and are nearing the first working prototype. For those interested in helping with development please send us a message. The Open Muscle sensor is made up of a band of cells. Each cell has four hall effect sensors that detect the movement of a piston… Read More »Open Muscle Sensor Development

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