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OpenMuscle 5.3.0

Open Muscle PCB Version 5.3.0

The boards have finally arrived and the Gerber files are being uploaded to Github. The diagram is currently being developed but here is a sneak peak of it, plus of the 5.3.0 prototype!!!

Clevis Pin Design Upgrade

We were testing the least expensive option for smooth pistons and the clevis pin + compression spring combo has, by far, outshun the other piston mechanisms. Versions 1, 2, and 3 are being retro fitted with the new clevis pin piston adjustment at his point in time.

Designing the Open Muscle Band

The design of Open Muscle has gone through a few changes and the latest iteration has taken a more simplistic form. Currently being developed on the RP2040 chip found in a version of the raspberry pi pico by waveshare, the Open Muscle band is utilizing the four ADCs provided by the main chip. Although one… Read More »Designing the Open Muscle Band

Open Muscle 3×3 Grid proof of concept

The first prototype for the Open Muscle a 3×3 grid of hall effect sensors and their tubes. This array or rather matrix, works well to detect the muscle contraction but the spring tension needs to be adjusted. Thankfully we have moved toward the CELL0 – TUBA design on the current V 1.3 device.

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