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Mission Statement:

Our mission is to explore, create, and advocate for open-source and open-hardware solutions in the biotech sector, concentrating on prosthetic sensor technology, in order to increase accessibility and enrich the lives of people with disabilities.

Introducing the Open Muscle Band

A Forearm-Based Finger Motion Detection System

The Open Muscle Band is an innovative forearm sensor suite designed to predict finger movements using pressure sensors and machine learning technology.

Our goal is to demonstrate that affordable sensor solutions can be effectively applied to the biomedical industry, following straightforward and replicable procedures.

To streamline the machine learning process, we developed the LASK system, which enables easy labeling of feature data. Discover how you can harness our open-source system to enhance your own sensor projects.


Cost-effective Design

The Open Muscle Band has been thoughtfully designed to be both cost-effective and computationally efficient. The current prototype employs the ESP32-S2, an affordable (~2 USD) microcontroller with 20 ADC GPIOs and Wi-Fi capabilities.

Exceptional Signal-to-Noise Ratio

Our unique combination of Hall effect and magnet sensor pairs delivers a high signal-to-noise ratio. The sensors are designed to detect muscle movements beneath the skin, which are often filtered out by other biometric sensors. Since muscles naturally amplify the nerve signals they receive, this approach provides some of the best low-noise signals available.

Modular and Scalable Cell Components

Sensor placement is a common challenge in the field of prosthetic sensors. We believe that this issue can be addressed by increasing sensor density and adopting a modular, scalable design for the system. This approach allows for greater adaptability and customization to meet individual needs.

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